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Vertical Expertise


  • Campuses 
  • Stadiums
  • Large Entertainment Venues
  • Large Meeting Venues
  • Theme Parks
  • High Rises
  • Large Retail Facilities
  • Manufacturing Facilities 
  • Municipalities
  • Wireless Service Providers (WSP’s)– Vendor of choice for Troubleshooting large oDAS’s from BTS to oDAS nodes, resolving cabling, DAS, protocol specific issues.


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Our Company

In today’s mobile world, all-access connection is critical for increased productivity, better customer service, higher profit margins, and safety of employees and visitors. To create lasting benefits, your property needs a custom-designed and installed Distributed Antenna System that meets your company goals.canstockphoto8623090-2

Ayre Networks, Inc. designs and installs a DAS network that’s engineered to accomplish your top objectives with a fully connected environment. We are a systems integrator who provides technological growth for organizations.

Whether you manage a college campus, hospital, private business or a  large venue Ayre Networks can design a multi-carrier network that will optimizes your overall operations.

Our meticulous approach to DAS design and installation guarantees a multi-carrier neutral host connection that promotes streamlined operations and faster business growth, so that…

  • Employees perform their jobs with increased efficiency and productivity. With Bring Your Own Device becoming the norm, our DAS systems enable staff members to consult with colleagues in seconds.
  • Visitors and customers access important information, and make purchasing decisions based on quick research.
  • Vendors can perform the installation and warranty repairs on all of your building and technology platforms with ease, allowing for more efficient service calls.
  • Managers can transfer vital business data, and create a more streamlined workday.
  • Anyone can call 911 in case of an emergency. Our DAS systems help first responders get to your property faster and with more accurate information.

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Our Mission

It is our mission—and the basis of our founding—to exceed our customers’ expectations by offering the highest quality design, construction, and installation of a custom DAS at a competitive price.  We continuously strive to improve the end users’ experience by deploying seamless and reliable wireless communication systems for in-building and outdoor applications.

Ayre Networks embraces existing and emerging technologies to provide the best incremental, cost effective RF and Fiber solutions to the public and private sectors throughout North America.

RF and Fiber

Ayre Networks always strives to exceed the needs of our customers.

We will accomplish this by always being responsive to our customer’s challenges, while seeking out cutting edge technologies to more efficiently enhance RF signal and fiber distribution solutions.We believe this is accomplished by providing an environment that recognizes the employees of Ayre Networks as our greatest asset and that allows our employees to maximize their potential to increase their intellectual and organizational experiences with the goal of increasing the market value of the company.

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Ayre Employees


Ayre’s workforce is selection based three principles:

  1. Each individual believes in and exemplifies Ayre’s core mission.
  2. Proven experience in core industries with expertise required to perform complex network installations under very short timelines.
  3. Simply that their morals and ethics align with our own.

Ayre Networks possesses a strong representation of technical and engineering experience that enables us to execute from concept to execution in an efficient and precise manner. Our skillset and experience includes:

  • Electricians with over 60 combined years in the AC/DC environment including low voltage specialized installations as well as CCTV and controlled wiring.
  • RF engineers and RF technicians with over 30 combined years of experience doing RF design, performance and optimization of all now common wireless protocols.
  • National Craft Certified Education Training Instructor & Safety Inspector.
  • In-house construction managers with backgrounds in nuclear construction, industrial marine, security engineering and multimillion dollar fiber and ethernet project implementation & management.
  • In house NCCR certified concrete form workers, steel erectors, custom metal fabricators, welders and certified aerial equipment operators.

Our Founder

Nathan Ball – spent 13 years working in RF Design, RF Performance and DAS engineering for AT&T & ADC/TE Connectivity. During this time he developed a passion for troubleshooting RF performance problems. These issues mostly were caused by some of the largest tower & DAS implementation companies in the telecommunications industry. He experienced a commonality of installation issues from the highest capacity macro sites & to the largest of public & private DAS venues.

After years of travelling, endless troubling shooting and moving on to one “fire drill” after another Nathan decided to take matters into his own hands that would not only benefit the DAS industry but his family as well. That is when Ayre Networks was founded.

Nathans’ understanding and experience significantly contributes to Ayre’s ability to design and implement complex network solutions.  He enforces the same approach to post integration network management. Prior to his time at AT&T Nathan was brought up being a steward of the land and early on developed a passion for farming. He understands what it means to be a responsible “Caretaker” while embracing family and possessing strong moral and ethical values. Since 2013 he has been cultivating and growing Ayre Networks into a company that is unique and offers a fresh approach to the DAS industry.