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Core Services

Ayre Networks team members have a history of working directly for major OEM vendors and bring an intimate knowledge of various product lines, which results in faster deployments, lower installation costs and higher levels of customer satisfaction. We also guarantee our work and will continue to support the system long after the customer has accepted it. Our engineers are experts who truly understand the intricacies of OEM hardware, firmware and software, and who know how to optimize system installs for unmatched performance.

Partner with Ayre Networks to ensure that your products are installed correctly, fully optimized and able to generate repeat business.

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Network Services include:

  • iDAS design utilizing iBwave and the hardware of your choice.
  • oDAS design utilizing all high-powered products.
  • Pre- and Post-deployment benchmarking of AT&T’s network (benchmarking for all U.S. operators will be available soon).
  • Continuous Wave (CW) testing of indoor and outdoor RF propagation, recorded with scanners and plotted with customized mapping.
  • DAS installation services that meet the most stringent operator requirements.
  • Commissioning with CW source, along with walk testing, to ensure validity of the installation.
  • Commissioning all protocol RF sources, including large-scale, neutral-host applications, while meeting each operator’s design criteria.
  • Optimization assistance for all U.S. service providers’ protocols.
  • 24×7 monitoring and maintenance of the system to minimize service interruptions.
  • Troubleshooting of complex optical, RF or protocol-specific performance issues
  • PIM and Sweep testing services.

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Why Choose Ayre Networks

Caretakers” sums up our unique approach to the DAS industry. Ayre’s attention to customer’s needs, our willingness to do whatever it takes to ensure on time project completion and utilizing the industry’s latest tools enables us to deploy a high performing network solutions. Hand Globe and Tower Pic

Our Capabilities             

Ayre Networks takes pride in the significant in house expertise we have to perform the following design, installation and operator coordinated services:      

  • In Building and Outdoor RF and DAS design capabilities with each Ayre engineer having minimum 2 years of network implementation experience utilizing iBwave, Visiwave and MS Visio software applications. This give our engineers significant leverage on the competition who typically utilize them right out of school.Outdoor DAS
  • In Building RF, fiber & advanced Ethernet network design and implementation. Our network engineers & administrators come from large venue backgrounds with experience working on major sports complexes and universities as well as high rise solutions and on.
  • In Building and Outdoor RF Continuous Wave testing utilizing JDSU RF receivers. CW testing is easy, however doing “right” is a lost art which we take pride in.
  • Integration & commissioning of all North American DAS OEM architecture transmitting all common civilian and non-civilian wireless protocols. Again during integration our in house engineers are meticulous at documenting each protocols specific signal & quality metrics to ensure all operators perform equally via our operator agnostic approach.In building DAS 2
  • Network hosting architecture design including complex systems. Our VP of Technological Solutions has his hands intimately involved with the planning of each individual network monitoring architecture and backup design.
  • AC/DC power installation both low and high voltage. We hire only licensed electricians and have in house mechanical expertise with experience in multiple industrial mechanical and power applications.
  • Radio Network implementation of all North American OEM’s hardware. By having the acumen to understanding & design all North American wireless protocols we are able to install them as well with optimum performance.
  • Custom civil fabrication utilizing concrete forms and appropriate metal to fabricate structures. We can meet the challenge due to the fact we have in house civil engineers who come from the nuclear industry where the most stringent requirements known exists.