Our Approach

During our engagement with our clients Ayre Networks’ modus operandi is to provide an analytical, structured and methodical approach from design to post installation. This ensures accuracy and precision every step of the way that provides a peace of mind for our clients as well.   

Critical Thinking and Innovation

Site Survey  

Each property requires custom solutions for the most impactful DAS system. Before we begin the installation process, we assess your company objectives and look for possible obstructions on-site. Once we identify the ideal location for your new system, we pinpoint the steps needed to create your company-specific multicarrier connection.

By meeting with our clients at the beginning of the process we understand your access, installation and quality requirements prior to providing a solution and cost.

Benchmarking and Data Collection

Ayre Networks, Inc. works with original equipment manufacturers, network carriers, and organization mangers to create the network that fosters operational and financial success. Our technicians gather vital information that optimizes mobile coverage for your entire property.

No matter whether you manage a 200,000-square-foot hospital or a school campus, we design a network that gives you all-access communication. Before we begin your DAS project, we give you a data report that shows you how your new system will keep you connected, and how your old system is currently functioning.

Design Services

Mobile technology improves business efficiency. When we design your DAS network, we focus our efforts on how mobile devices are used in your industry. Whether employees use tablets to access information or customers make purchasing decisions with smartphones, we design the network that works for you.design services

Our commitment is to provide you with connection from multiple wireless carriers, so no one is left without a working device. We guarantee that you’ll experience an impact on your facility’s quality of service and financial growth.

Installation Oversight

Ayre Networks ensures the connection works flawlessly with DAS veterans who manage the projects, implement work schedules, and assure top-notch quality installation. As we implement the preapproved design, our technicians and engineers work closely with the project team.

After we gather data, analyze obstacles, diagnose issues, and solve problems, we insure the installation exceeds the most demanding standards.

All the while, we represent our clients with the highest level of integrity. As we manage your installation, we guarantee controlled costs and time-sensitive work completion.

Post processing and Optimization

We have the highest quality standards. If we find the work will not meet your company objectives, we take action. Our post data collection ensures you stay connected and reap all the benefits of your all-access DAS network.


The end of the project is just as important as the beginning. Once installation is complete, and your DAS network is working seamlessly, we provide you with a detailed As-Built closeout package.

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